Test Results

A significant number of various blood, urine, sputum etc. tests can be performed at our surgery in addition to more technical investigations such as ECG’s, Lung function assessment and on-site INR testing.


You will need to make a routine appointment with your GP to identify the most suitable tests needed and thereafter with the Healthcare assistant to carry out his instruction.


Other investigations such as X-rays and scans need to be referred by your GP and performed at the local Hospital. Be aware most results are back within a week but some tests such as x-rays and scans can take up to 4 weeks to return. 

For the results of tests please ring 01633 251304 between 12:30 and 14:00 every weekday, apart from Bank Holidays.  Please note receptionists are not trained to give results, results are only to be given during these times by trained staff.

Be aware the administrative staff can only relay a result as given to them by the GP. They are not able to interpret any findings. Please make an appointment with your GP if you wish to discuss the results.

Please note that we do have a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. In this respect we will only give out results to the person they relate to unless that person has given prior permission for their release or if they are not capable of understanding them.






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